Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tejes Kave

Honestly, These Pokémon Burgers Are Just The Cutest Things Ever

They’re so fucking cute I honestly might cry. 

For the next two weeks, Sydney is being blessed beyond belief by these insanely adorable Pokémon burgers.


Down N’ Out burgers CBD pop-up store will have the burgers in ~limited supply~ from Tuesday, August 23 until Sunday, September 3.

The burgers will cost $15 each and according to creative director, Ben Kagan, all are inspired by the characters they’re modeled against.


Basically, someone sat down and decided what they thought Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and your boy Charmander would taste like. What a job.

Each burger will be served with a “Pokéburg” card, which lists exactly what’s between the buns.


Honestly though, look at that tiny broccoli hat. Someone send help.

It took four weeks of experimentation to get the burgers just right. Obviously, it was completely worth it.


“We’ve tried many different ways of getting them to look amazing,” Ben told BuzzFeed. “At one stage we were experimenting with a hot-iron brand and then we tried printing the faces onto rice paper.”


 I may never recover from this.

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